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Living in Humboldt county has given me lots of exposure to the inter-workings of the Cannabis world. The Cannabis Culture is a big part of our local economy, and as we move into the realm of legalization, lots of folks are needing to get on board and brand their businesses. One of the fastest ways to reach the top with your marketing and branding is having professional photos taken of your farm, and your products.

As the times are changing, farmers are needing to create Logos, websites, and Instagram accounts. Having professional photos, means that you can keep track of your season, have pictures to post, and images to use for trade fairs, and marketing purposes.


It's time to look like a pro and do it right! So please feel free to contact me if you are one of these people. We are all a part of the community, and I love being able to help friends and local businesses look their best!


Feel free to visit my office inside the Neighborhood Surf Shop to come chat about your needs and ideas, or call me at 707-502-4086