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Website and Brochure Design:

A lot of companies think it's in their best interest to pay another company to design their websites for them. I have seen people pay over $10,000.00 for their site, and then be stuck paying that company every time they need to make a change.

I have been designing sites for clients through a few different host companies.

It is fun and user friendly, and it won't take more then a few days to put together. Quite a few companies have also expressed interest in using my nature photographs to brighten up their sites. Good photographs make all the difference on a website.

So you can come into my office, and we can sit down together, and design your site. I work at an hourly rate, so at the end of the day, you might spend a few hundred bucks instead of $10,000 bucks, and you will know how to manage your own website.

I love giving people the power to do things themselves....So come on in!

Lots of small businesses need a site in order to be on the map. I can also come take photos for your business and then help you build your site with those photos. It's great to get photos of your business, because then you can have lots of great pictures of you and all of your important things in stock. That way, when you want to change things up on your site, you have a lot of unused photos to work with.


Hourly Design work for Brochures and Websites: $40.00/hour

Use of Rose Mountain Photography Photos on your site: $ 150.00

Photoshoot for your business: $250.00

Or priced by the job depending on what you need.


Please feel free to call Brooklyn with any questions.

707-502-4086 Cell

707-840-6173 Office

My office is at:

1925 Alliance Rd. in Arcata inside the Neighborhood Alliance surf shop.